The ‘Shallow’ Performance At The Oscars Was So Heated People Think Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Must Be Hooking Up

For the last six months that A Star Is Born has been part of the collective consciousness, fans of the film and its great music have been mostly (mostly) denied what they wanted most: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performing its standout number, “Shallow.” Part of it surely has to do with the fact that Bradley Cooper is not a professional singer, and even the thought of performing in front of people terrifies him. But what the Oscars telecast presupposes is that maybe the world just wasn’t ready for the steamy chemistry that comes when these two sing this song together.

The sparks between the two during tonight’s performance were practically palpable, and Twitter predictably went off speculating that their on-screen romance is surely an off-screen romance, too. We’ll ignore the fact that Cooper has had the same partner since 2015 and she was with him at the ceremony. Let’s instead focus on those eye glances, the fact that it looked like Gaga went for a kiss when Cooper sat next to her, and the fact that, well, we all want our favorite cinema couple to be a real one, too. Check out the Twitter reactions below, and revisit the hot-as-heck performance here. Lady Gaga won her first Oscar moments later as “Shallow” took home Best Original Song, so her night is deservedly going well no matter what.