Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Double Down On Their Undeniable Chemistry At The Oscars Peformance Of ‘Shallow’

No song in recent memory has had quite the life as A Star Is Born‘s “Shallow.” It’s won Grammys, sparked memes, and, going into this evening’s Academy Awards, stood as one of the biggest favorites across any categories, competing in Best Original Song. But for all its omnipresence, the song’s two recording artists, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, just haven’t performed the song much together. Outside of the film, there’s only been one public rendition of it on record, when Cooper was invited to the stage during Gaga’s Vegas residency. At the Grammys a couple weeks ago, Gaga performed both parts herself while Cooper was sent to England to represent the film at the BAFTAs.

With advance word that Cooper would not be channeling his Jackson Maine persona for the performance, Cooper and Gaga still revisited their on-screen chemistry for the explosive performance. Cooper may have been terrified before the appearance, but it didn’t show as the pair made their way from the audience to the stage. Their chemistry remained undeniable, and all the orange lighting in the world couldn’t dim how magical they are together when performing this song. Just watch at those longing looks whenever their eyes meet.

A Star Is Born was up for seven awards on the evening, including Best Picture, Best Actor for Cooper, and Best Actress for Gaga. Check out Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s television debut of “Shallow” above.