Stephen Amell Is Raffling Off His WWE Slammy Award To Help A Little Kid With Cancer

Arrow and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows star Stephen Amell’s WWE career involves two parallel stories: the one where he gets in the ring and jumps on people, and the one where he works with his onscreen rivals to raise a bunch of money for charity.

Amell and his cosmic rival Stardust reunited at Dallas Comic Con last week to further both stories. In the first, Stardust threw water in Amell’s face. In the second, they signed Amell’s Celebrity Moment Of The Year 2015 Slammy Award and are raffling it off to benefit a special little boy, Elijah Mainville, aka Drax Shadow.

If you aren’t familiar with Elijah’s story, he was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma at age 3 — one of the toughest forms of childhood cancer to treat — and hasn’t let that stop him from being a Tough Enough contestant, getting his own official WWE Superstar name, and more or less making the entire entertainment world fall in love with him. Drax Shadow rules, and if you want to contribute to a great cause (and maybe win an actual damn Slammy), you can enter the raffle here. Do that.

Facebook! It is finally time to raffle off my Slammy in support of Elijah Mainville, aka Drax Shadow. Elijah is 8 years old and has been fighting cancer for far too long. $5 to Elijah’s GoFundMe page — — gets you a ticket and a chance to win the Slammy. (Autographed by me and Stardust.) $10 gets you two tickets and so on… Feel free to try and buy the raffle out with an outlandish donation. Raffle will run through the week… My bet is there’ll end up being more than one prize! Let’s do some good!

That Slammy’s had a lot of owners, so do it proud.