The Fiend Dominated In A Dark Match After Smackdown Went Off The Air

After the slow-burn reveal of his horrifying “Fiend” persona, with a mask designed by horror legend Tom Savini’s team, the new Bray Wyatt has been handled with an impressive amount of restraint. He had a horrifying entrance at SummerSlam, where he dominated Finn Bálor, and he’s only shown up occasionally on TV. He’s not going to be at Clash of Champions, but it seems likely he will play a major role at Hell in a Cell. With this week’s Raw and Smackdown at Madison Square Garden, a lot of fans were hoping to seem him attack visiting legends Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker, but that didn’t happen. Non-Fiend Bray had a Firefly Funhouse segment about Austin, and then the Fiend showed up after Smackdown and 205 Live last night, just for the live Garden crowd.

The Fiend faced the B Team in a handicap match. That means Bray Wyatt was in the ring with his real-life brother Bo Dallas, as well as Curtis Axel. Naturally the Fiend dominated the jobber tag team in this short dark match. After all, Dallas and Axel merelyadopted the dark. The Fiend was born in it, molded by it. There’s no official video of the match, but here are some glimpses from fans.