Here’s The Unedited Footage Of Vince McMahon’s F-Bomb From Raw

Things got really weird on Monday Night RAW as WWE pulled out its Big Joker to hype WrestleMania. Shane-O-Mac returned and had a 30-minute standoff with Vince and Stephanie McMahon. Shane had been gone for six years and emotions were high. Maybe it was these high emotions that made Vince McMahon lose his sh*t and drop an F-bomb right there in Shane McMahon’s face on live television. Due to WWE’s 7-second delay, nobody who watched RAW caught the actual word as the sound was muted for a bit. But thanks to some lucky Youtubers, we have the actual audio.

The F-bomb comes at a bad time for Vince as he’s recently fired Brad Maddox for saying “pricks” during a house show. Titus O’Neil was also suspended two months for horsing around during a live broadcast. Meanwhile the owner of the company is talking about beating his son’s f*cking a$$ on the USA Network. Add this to the brutal, bloody HHH beatdown of Roman Reigns and things definitely got non-PG.

Tune in next week when Linda McMahon returns and calls Charlotte a “dirty motherf*cker” on Main Event.

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