Job Opportunities: A Look Back At Some Of WCW’s Most Memorable Losers

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Last week’s inaugural Job Opportunities pro wrestling jobber retrospective took a look at ten former enhancement talents who’d go on to be big stars in WWE. WWE hasn’t always been the only game in town, however, so this week we’re looking at ten former jobber journeymen who started in WCW before making it big.

WWE Network makes it easy to hunt through the archive for rare gems, but if you see a particularly grainy and janky image, know I had to shovel it from the bowels of YouTube. So let’s get started and take a look at ten faces you would’ve never guessed would become some of the biggest stars in pro wrestling and sports-entertainment: World Championship Wrestling flavor.

Terra Ryzing

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First and foremost on any, “can you believe this guy was in WCW?” list is the hilariously named TERRA RYZING, famous pro wrestling son of Theo and Memo. In true WCW fashion, they didn’t realize “Terra Ryzing” was supposed to be wordplay and originally named him Terror Risin’, complete with an apostrophe on the end. I think he’s supposed to be a French-Canadian Lex Luger?

Midway through his rookie year, the name gets dropped completely in favor of Jean Paul Levesque, a snooty Frenchman who speaks in a cartoonish French accent because he can’t actually speak French. He’d head to the World Wrestling Federation a few months later, get repackaged as a Connecticut Blueblood, and within 25 years would be pretty much running the entire company with an iron fist, a sledgehammer, and a garage full of increasingly embarrassing vehicles. Funny how that works out.