WWE And AEW Are Reportedly Both Interested In Two Impact Stars

Impact Wrestling

Impact contracts are a constant source of conversation lately (maybe even more than WWE contracts), with Jordynne Grace belatedly signing one, Scarlett Bordeaux being released from hers, and Killer Kross still trying to get out of his. Now a new report has emerged about whose contracts are about to expire next, and who may pursue them when that happens.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Santana and Ortiz, the current incarnation of the Latin American Exchange, are reaching the end of their Impact Wrestling contracts later this summer. Dave Meltzer reports that WWE and AEW are both interested in the duo, which means Santana and Ortiz may get to choose between three televised wrestling companies when the time comes. It’s hard to imagine they’ll stick with the show that airs on the Pursuit Channel, but whether they choose the company that’s still largely untested, especially as a TV product, or the company that had their current Latino tag team bringing piñatas to the ring and spending weeks getting beaten up by a real-life racist… Well, that may depend on who makes the better offer.

Santana and Ortiz are fantastic performers and a great tag team. They were among my favorite guys when I was recapping Impact. So wherever they go, it will be fun to see what they do there (as long as it doesn’t involve piñatas).