The Young Bucks Once Again Fought Their Oldest Rival, Santa Claus

The Young Bucks have their share of enemies these days. UFC champion Daniel Cormier thinks that high-flying spot monkeys like them are ruining wrestling. James Storm agrees, and is particularly unhappy about their use of the superkick. Roman Reigns is no fan either. Come to think of it, neither are Vince McMahon and the WWE legal department.

But there’s one enemy of the Young Bucks who’s more dangerous than any other, who returns to taunt them every year on his way to deliver toys to all the good children of the world. I’m speaking, of course, about the Young Bucks’ greatest rival: Santa Claus.

In this year’s Being the Elite Christmas video, Santa returns to the Jackson household to taunt Matt and Nick with Too-Sweets and crotch chops, the very WWE-inspired gestures that the Bucks can no longer get away with doing. I suppose when your legal team are magical elves, you have no fear of WWE copyrights. This of course leads to a fight, in which Santa once again holds his own against the Young Bucks, while small children look on, bemused. It ends the only way it could end in 2017: with missed dropkicks and a standoff.

And don’t worry: the Bucks took some big-league “DGAF” shots at those MMA fans when they tweeted out a clip of the video.

If anything makes it obvious that these guys don’t care if self-serious fighters like Daniel Cormier approve of them, it’s a living room fight with Old Saint Nick. The Bucks live for the silly aspects of wrestling, and it seems to be working out just fine for them. After all, they’re planning a huge self-funded wrestling show with Cody Rhodes, and even WWE has to acknowledge that fans want to play as the Bucks in the 2K games.

Whether you like the Young Bucks or not, they’ll keep doing their thing, and not even Santa Claus himself can stop them.