Aaron Donald’s Lawyer Claims He Didn’t Assault Someone Outside A Nightclub And Has Video To Back It Up

Los Angeles Rams star Aaron Donald was accused of assault earlier this week. The lawyer for a man named De Vincent Spriggs alleged that Donald was not provoked, but attacked his client outside of a nightclub in Pittsburgh in the early hours of April 11, which sent Spriggs to the hospital. As Spriggs’ lawyer said, “his arm in a sling, his eye is closed, 16 stitches in his eye and a concussion and other severe injuries he’s suffered.” A photo of Spriggs’ injuries can be viewed here.

Donald’s lawyer, Casey White, appeared on a Pittsburgh-area radio show on Friday morning to respond to these claims. He unsurprisingly called them bogus, saying that Spriggs, while intoxicated, bumped into Donald and “started coming at Aaron.” Spriggs was taken outside, and shortly after, Donald left while Spriggs was waiting outside with “something in his right hand,” which he thought was a gun but ended up learning was a liquor bottle.

“This guy goes at Aaron and swings with his right hand, and Aaron ducks,” White says. “The bottle then grazes the top of Aaron’s head — Aaron has a lump on his head from the bottle grazing the top of his head, and that’s when all hell breaks loose.”

White goes on to claim that Donald is pulled away, some people who were with him went after Spriggs and roughed him up, and eventually, Donald frees himself and begins pulling people off of Spriggs to keep him from getting beaten up any more. Shortly after White’s appearance on the radio, video popped up of the incident and appears to back up that Donald tried to pull people away from Spriggs, although the footage does not show what happened in the lead-up.

According to TMZ, White said that he received a correspondence from the police that says they have no video evidence to indicate Donald attacked Spriggs.

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