Aaron Hernandez Allegedly Taunted Victims By Yelling ‘What’s Up Now?’

03.02.17 1 year ago

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Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez’s latest trial, for a double-murder he is accused of committing in July 2012, began on Wednesday with opening statements from the prosecution and the defense.

The prosecution alleges that Hernandez shot and killed Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado in a drive-by shooting after an altercation at a nightclub. The key witness in the trial is Hernandez’s former friend Alexander Bradley, who was the alleged driver of the car when Hernandez shot and killed the two men.

The details on why Bradley is now testifying against Hernandez are just as crazy and intense as the story of the alleged murders themselves. According to CNN, prosecutors say Bradley and Hernandez were at a club in Florida in 2013 when Hernandez became irate that Bradley suggested a group of men in suits that Hernandez identified as law enforcement were there for Aaron.

“Yeah, they probably are and probably because of the effed up stuff you did in Boston last summer,” Bradley said, according to prosecutors.

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