Aaron Rodgers Was The Butt Of A Bunch Of Jokes After The Niners Gave Him An Entire Offseason To Research Whatever He Wants

Despite getting the 1-seed in the NFC, having home field advantage until they’d reach the Super Bowl, and a pretty subpar game by the San Francisco 49ers’ offense, the Green Bay Packers were one-and-done in the 2022 NFL playoffs. San Francisco went up to Lambeau Field and picked up a 13-10 win on a blocked punt for a touchdown and a pair of field goals by Robbie Gould, including one that went through the uprights as time expired.

The loss marks the end of a weird season for Green Bay. Despite their brilliance on the field, that did not receive a ton of focus for a stretch of their season. That’s because star quarterback Aaron Rodgers made headlines for a number of comments about COVID-19, its vaccine, cancel culture, and a whole lot of other stuff.

Rodgers did not play well in the loss. The Niners defense deserves a ton of credit, but his numbers were subpar — 20-for-25, 225 yards, no touchdowns or interceptions — and down the stretch, Green Bay’s offense totally stalled out.

As a result of his performance in the loss and the controversy he stirred up earlier this year, football fans hopped onto Twitter and got off a ton of jokes at his expense. Unsurprisingly, basically all of them were callbacks to his COVID comments earlier this year