Aaron Rodgers Thinks The ‘Woke Mob’ Is On A ‘Witch Hunt’ Over Not Getting The COVID Vaccine And Flaunting NFL Rules For Unvaccinated Players

Aaron Rodgers was ruled out for at least 10 days earlier this week after he tested positive for COVID-19 as an unvaccinated NFL player. It led to Rodgers being the butt of jokes and receiving a ton of criticism, as there were elements of the league’s policies for unvaccinated players that he did not follow, particularly when it came to not wearing a mask when he met with members of the media.

On Friday, Rodgers appeared on Pat McAfee’s radio show to discuss his positive diagnosis, what it means, and, uh, a lot of other things. In the eyes of the All-Pro quarterback, the fact that people responded to this so viscerally is proof that the woke mob is on a witch hunt that is trying to cancel him, among other buzzwords.

Rodgers kept talking after this, saying that he believes the vaccines could cause him to become infertile and mentioned that he has been discussing things with “a now good friend of mine, Joe Rogan.”

The Packers’ star’s entire cameo on the show went in a number of different directions — he was Just Asking Questions about how the left questioned the vaccine while Donald Trump was president but changed their tune once he was out, admitted he is taking ivermectin, said that he presented evidence to the NFL and was viewed as “a quack,” and much more.

Here is a website from the CDC about the COVID vaccine that addresses many of the things Rodgers said and explains why they are not correct.