Football Fans Could Not Believe Aaron Rodgers’ Wild Appearance On Pat McAfee’s Show To Discuss The COVID Vaccine, Getting Advice From Joe Rogan, And More

Aaron Rodgers went onto Pat McAfee’s radio show on Friday afternoon. In light of the All-Pro quarterback testing positive for COVID-19 and getting placed on the shelf for a minimum of 10 days due to his positive diagnosis as an unvaccinated individual, Rodgers appeared to want to go on the show to explain his decision to not get vaccinated and much more.

What happened instead was one of the more bizarre media appearances we’ve seen out of an athlete in recent memory. Among Rodgers’ claims were that he is “in the crosshairs of the woke mob right now,” that they are trying to put the “final nail” in his “cancel culture casket,” and that upon presenting his research to the NFL to explain why he did not get the vaccine, he was viewed as “a quack.” Rodgers also said he is consulting with Joe Rogan, who also was unvaccinated and got COVID, on how he could treat himself, and said that he is taking ivermectin as part of his treatment.

Rodgers, who also used a Martin Luther King Jr. quote that does not apply here, drew up quite the stir among Twitter users for his cameo, many of whom could not believe the lengths to which he went to avoid getting what is proven to be a safe and effective vaccine against the virus.

A number of folks brought up Rodgers’ well-documented desire to host Jeopardy!, too.