Speed, Technology And Maybe A Boost From Michael Vick Could Make Flag Football The Future

06.24.17 9 months ago


Flag football is the stuff of gym classes and afternoons at the park, but Jeff Lewis sees much more for this football hybrid than maybe anyone else in America. And the hedge fund manager and entrepreneur is ready to show off the professional version of flag football to the rest of the country.

Lewis has spearheaded the launch of the American Flag Football League, gathering investors and planning the league’s growth and marketing strategy to make sure people understand exactly what he’s trying to do. The AFFL isn’t intended to compete directly with the NFL, but rather provide an alternative outside of the pyramid of high school, college and NFL football that currently exists in the US.

The AFFL will host a showcase on June 27 in San Jose to give people a sense of what they’ll see when the eight-team league debuts for real in 2018. Lewis has recruited a number of former NFL players, including Michael Vick, to play in the showcase and test out his theory that this is the version of football fans really want to see.

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