The Anaheim Ducks Are Bringing Back The Awesome ‘Mighty Ducks’ Uniforms

07.21.18 12 months ago 2 Comments


The Mighty Ducks are back. Anaheim’s hockey team may no longer be officially mighty, but the franchise knows its roots and also that throwbacks are very much in these days.

The Ducks are a franchise, of course, that launched because of a Disney movie, and while they’ve tried to move away from their heritage to become more serious, the movie and its throwback look is beloved among hockey fans and anyone who also happens to enjoy water fowl.

The NHL is slowly bringing back third jerseys to its teams after the entire league rebranded with adidas last season. Only a few select teams had a uniform choice beyond home and away, but many teams have used this new crop of third jerseys as a chance to go retro. Thankfully, the Ducks didn’t disappoint, and a jersey modeled after the franchise’s original look was debuted by the NHL on Saturday.

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