The Golf World Mourns The Passing Of The Legendary Arnold Palmer

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09.25.16 3 Comments
The Masters - Round One

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There’s no denying how important Arnold Palmer was to the game of golf. The champion effectively popularized the sport and remained an important figure in its development and expansion over the last five decades. Beyond his individual accomplishments, he would be an elder statesman, a guide, and a teacher for many of golf’s young players after he stepped off the fairway and into other, somehow even greater spotlights as a household name. He designed over 200 golf courses with his design partner Ed Seay, and owned the legendary Latrobe country club.

Now, the legend is gone. But his reach will go far, and his name will never not be synonymous with the name of golf, and golf will never distance itself from his name. Simply put, if Tiger Woods was the Michael Jordan of golf, Arnold Palmer was the Wilt Chamberlin. Palmer was always on the minds of golfers everywhere, even at 87-years-old and now, in retrospect, just weeks before his death.

Here’s Tiger Woods’ most recent tweet, for example:

Which led to Woods following-up when he heard the sad news:

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