The Atlanta Falcons Did It Again (Again)

Friends, I regret to inform you that the Atlanta Falcons are at it once again.

The franchise that exists solely to torture its fans somehow managed to overcome its greatest challenge in doing so yet this season: facing the Detroit Lions, who also exist exclusively to cause pain to its fan base. Neither team seemed all that intent on winning the football game on Sunday afternoon in Atlanta. The Lions took a 16-14 late in the fourth quarter on their second attempt at a field goal to take the lead — having missed the first a possession before — after the Falcons fumbled the ball back to them near midfield.

Atlanta then marched down the field and, like Penn State last night, should have set themselves up for a chip shot field goal or, at minimum, worked the clock more before going in the end zone. Instead, Todd Gurley — who has a history of falling down before the goal line in these situations — accidentally scored a touchdown with 1:04 to play and the Lions being without any timeouts.

Matthew Stafford then proceeded to march the Lions down the field and inside the 10 thanks to a ridiculous throw and catch to Kenny Golladay that was reviewed and upheld. The Lions had rushed down the field to snap the ball and spike it with three seconds left, and the review allowed them to not just set up for another spike attempt but also get some planning done for their final play of the game needing a touchdown to take the lead.

That play saw Stafford buy some time and hit T.J. Hockenson for the game-tying touchdown as time expired, as the Atlanta Falcons once again did the near impossible.

There was still some drama with the extra point, as Prater was backed up an extra 15 yards for an unsportsmanlike penalty after the touchdown by Detroit as they celebrated, but this is the Falcons we are talking about so naturally he drilled it even as Atlanta lined up illegally. The result is a Falcons team that is now 1-6 with three of the worst losses you will ever see, having blown massive fourth quarter leads to the Cowboys and Bears in back-to-back weeks earlier this season and now…this monstrosity to the lowly Lions.