Bad Lip Reading Is Back To Misread The 2018-19 NFL Season


If there’s an internet football tradition that parallels Super Bowl Sunday at this point, it might be Bad Lip Reading’s now-annual video the weekend of the Super Bowl. And while this year’s game may feature a familiar team in the Patriots, like every Bad Lip Reading video, there’s bound to be something special about Super Bowl 53.

You know the drill by now: The videos take real footage from NFL games — usually players talking to other players and coaches — and ads words that look like they’re being spoken. But they’re not, because though you might think your team’s NFL coach is completely full of it, not everything said on NFL sideslines is complete nonsense.

This year’s video unsurprisingly contains a good amount of New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams content, as those are the two teams squaring off in Sunday’s Super Bowl 53. But as always, there are a lot of little gems to be had in here.

There’s a lengthy run of Tom Brady pre-snap yells that are turned into utter nonsense, and it’s extremely well done. Perhaps my all-time favorite line, in fact, just may be in this video. The Bad Lip Reading folks got dark this year with Marquez Valdez-Scanlin’s lip reading, which he gave as an intro for the Packers starting lineup on Sunday Night Football.

“My grief has a scent,” he said. “Like suffering.”

Perhaps that’s not what he said at all. Maybe I’m just projecting my own sorrow onto this professional football player’s mouth movements. But maybe that’s the larger joy to be had in what Bad Lip Reading does for the masses. It’s funny, sure, but it also leaves a lot up for interpretation.

“Why would you send apples to NASA,” John Harbaugh asked. “Why would you send apple crates to NASA?”

There’s much to think about these days.