The Ravens Paid Tribute To Michael K. Williams By Running Out To Omar’s Whistle From ‘The Wire’

Two weeks ago, beloved actor Michael K. Williams died at his home in New York, leading to tributes and remembrances from all across the entertainment world and beyond.

Williams was terrific in a number of roles during his career, but there was no role he was better known for than playing Omar Little on The Wire. The way Williams brought that complex character to life made him one of the most beloved figures of the show, becoming something of a Baltimore icon despite being a native New Yorker. Many looked back on his work on The Wire and reflected on what he brought to the show and that character after his death, and on Sunday the Baltimore Ravens paid tribute in fitting fashion at their home opener on Sunday Night Football against the Chiefs.

Prior to running out on the field, the video screens went to black and Omar’s legendary whistle of “A-Hunting We Will Go” played over the speakers as the crowd grew louder and louder.

It’s a terrific tribute to Williams’ iconic character but also, just generally, a sensational entrance for a football team. A number of fans immediately called for the Ravens to keep this entrance both to continue honoring Williams and also because it fits so well for a team coming out before a game.