Bas Rutten Believes In A Future Without Pharmaceuticals Thanks To Marijuana And CBD

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As the national conversation around medical marijuana shifts in favor of legalizing the plant, innovations throughout the industry are being championed by athletes and doctors across the country. And as the stigma of using marijuana disappears with the greater awareness of its benefits, consumers, experts, and professionals that use the medicine grow more influential by the day.

While marijuana benefits a large swath of medical conditions, athletes are becoming far more overt in their usage of cannabidiol (CBD) oil and marijuana to recover and deal with pain. Green Flower Media has spearheaded the education of doctors as well as patients in an effort to give activists, marijuana professionals and those in need all the tools required to positively impact their industries through medical marijuana.

One of the most outspoken champions of medical marijuana, specifically CBD oil is former UFC champion, Bas Rutten. Rutten likens the ignorance of CBD and medical marijuana to MMA in the old days — it took education and regulation for it to finally come into the mainstream. As he puts an addiction to oxycontin behind him thanks to CBD oil, we discussed athlete recovery without pharmaceuticals, getting over “legal weed” and a future that wholly embraces the healthy lifestyle that CBD offers.

When did you start using CBD oil?

With me, it started like two years ago. It started with CBD. I was really amazed by it since I had a painkiller problem a long time ago.