The Bernie Sanders Meme Is Now Available As An Official Baseball Card

Have you ever enjoyed a meme so much that you said, “Man, I really wish I could spend money to own a physical copy of that?” Well you are in luck, because the folks at Topps announced on Thursday that Bernie Sanders’ mittensed-up, legs-crossed self that became the internet’s favorite meme is now available for purchase on an official baseball card for the low, low price of $9.99.



The card, along with the rest from the Biden Inauguration which I cannot imagine will be nearly as popular, will be for sale for the next week in a limited edition release. I’m sure the senior socialist senator from Vermont is thrilled that his visage will be captured in perpetuity on a card that is being sold for just under $10 a pop. Sanders sitting like a disgruntled fan in the upper deck became immediate fodder for photoshops into every possible situation — including Andre Drummond dropping Sanders into the Cavs huddle after their win over the Nets.

As for Sanders’ reaction to that photo becoming the most talked about part of the inauguration ceremony, he kept it incredibly on brand, saying he was glad to raise awareness for the fine craftsmanship of mittens from the great state of Vermont (and coats too).