Bill Murray Stole The Show At Wrigley Field Singing ‘Take Me Out To The Ball Game’

Baseball will always have its weird moments, and this Major League Baseball season has been full of controversy and some real crisis of faith moments regarding batting averages and illegal substances used by pitchers. But amid all that, even St. Louis Cardinals fans have to admit there’s something great about seeing Bill Murray back at Wrigley Field serenading Cubs fans.

Friday was a gorgeous day for baseball on the north side of Chicago, with the Cubs taking on the Cardinals in a matinee they were calling Opening Day 2.0.

And by the time the middle of the seventh inning rolled around, those in attendance were treated to Murray pumping up the crowd from the press box with the help of the Wrigley Field organist.

“This is what it feels like to be one hundred percent,” Murray said, referring to the capacity limits ending at Wrigley Field. He encouraged some noise from the crowd, then got into a song he’s sung many times over the years during the seventh inning stretch.

It’s a far from perfect rendition, but that’s kind of the point. And as one of the most famous Cubs fans on the planet, Murray is basically allowed to do what he wants once he gets the mic inside that park. The fans in the park seemed to love it, and Murray trended briefly on Friday as video of his reappearance circulated online.

There’s a lot we’ve lost over the last year, and whatever “normal” qualifies as may not truly be back for many of us for some time. But there’s something great about seeing Murray back at Wrigley, and watching a full house enjoy a day game in one of America’s oldest ballparks.

Even if Murray still doesn’t quite have all the words to the song down.