These Two Young Hockey Fans Got A Puppy Thanks To A Goal From Bobby Ryan

Ottawa Senators forward Bobby Ryan is one of the NHL’s better goal scorers, so you should beware when making wagers that involve him finding the back of the net. That was the important lesson learned for one father this weekend, who now owes his two young sons a puppy.

Prior to Sunday’s Senators-Rangers game in Ottawa, a couple of young Sens fans were spotted along the glass with a sign that said they were promised a puppy if Ryan managed to pot a goal during the contest.

Ryan spotted the sign during pregame skate and, wouldn’t you know it, he lit the lamp towards the end of the second period, scoring these kids their desired pup. And if you’re skeptical that the sign had any effect on motivating Ryan, well, he helped clear that up after the game.

I know the father comes away looking like he lost the bet, but — then again — he’s getting a new puppy, so there’s really no loser in this situation. Plus, if he really didn’t want a puppy, he wouldn’t have made the bet in the first place, and he certainly wouldn’t have banked on the team’s second-leading goal scorer to not get on the scoresheet.

So, I’m thinking there’s a good chance that dad actually secretly wanted the puppy all along, in which case I guess a congrats is in order for him. As for what kind of pup they’ll be getting, they’ve apparently decided on a Pomsky. And the name? Bobby, of course.

(Via Puck Daddy)