Brandon Davies Has A White Girlfriend

There’s more info coming out on the girlfriend of Brandon Davies, who Sportscasm brilliantly anointed “the Yoko Ono of BYU basketball.” In case you missed it yesterday, Davies was booted from the BYU basketball team for admitting to coitus with his special lady friend, who has now been identified as Arizona State freshman volleyball player Danica Mendevil, according to reports. And yep, she’s a white girl.

Why does this matter? Because this could negate everything anyone said yesterday about BYU simply enforcing its well-documented honor code. I’m not presuming racism here, but…okay, I’m totally presuming racism. There’s anecdotal evidence that the discipline of Davies–one of only three black players on the team–was relatively harsh, not only by college basketball standards, but even by those of the school.

Somebody has to ask the question: were the conservative powers that be in Provo looking to punish a black kid getting sexual attention from a white girl? Don’t tell me that it couldn’t possibly happen, because it does. It could certainly happen in Utah, especially at a school operated and encased by a federalized religion.

But my main takeaway from yesterday does stand: if you want to get stinky, don’t work in a soap factory. Davies still violated his contract with the school, as shoddy as such a pact may have been. Good luck to BYU on ever recruiting another black athlete ever again. And no, I don’t really mean that.

via Frat House Sports.