This Brooks Koepka Interview Outtake Shows Just How Much He Hates Bryson DeChambeau

Golf is often referred to as the gentlemen’s game, one where respect for your fellow playing competitors and the game itself has been of the utmost importance. As such, golf rivalries are rarely actually spicy. They tend to be media creations, pitting the best players against each other and trying to form some competitive rivalry out of little more than familiarity at the top of leaderboards.

The guys on the PGA Tour are mostly friends, given that they travel from course to course each week and the nature of golf makes it very uncomfortable to have to play a round with someone you genuinely hate. As such, we rarely get actual hatred between playing competitors but we have just that right now among two of the best players in the world: Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau.

Koepka, a four-time major champion, always seems to show up in the biggest tournaments and the Florida State product is an immensely talented and strong player, often overpowering courses and opponents on his way to wins. He also is a very laid back personality off the course, putting in his work but he’s not much of one to talk about the nuances of the golf swing. DeChambeau is the opposite, a man obsessed with the science behind everything from the golf swing to the human body, and his approach to golf drives Koepka crazy. On top of how long Bryson takes to play, accounting for every possible variable and doing full on math calculations on the course before each shot, he’s also become obsessed with distance, bulking up and using guys like Brooks to measure himself and how much further he can hit it.

The two have yet to play together since their rivalry formed, as tournaments seem to want to let that pairing happen naturally on a weekend rather than force it. But for anyone wondering if their rivalry has cooled at all, Brooks legitimately losing his train of thought because Bryson walks behind him in his spikes during an interview at the PGA Championship this weekend proves they still very much hate each other.

Brooks’ face as he tries to just ignore Bryson, surely talking to his team about something with his swing, is incredibly relatable for anyone who has tried to deal with someone obnoxious at work. That he completely breaks and is unable to continue his interview makes it even better.

My sincerest thanks to whoever leaked this from the Golf Channel compound, because it has made my, and the rest of the golf world’s, week so much better.