Bruce Smith Gave A ‘Family Feud’ Answer So Wild Steve Harvey Said ‘What The F*ck’

Bruce Smith was among five NFL Hall of Famers that played together on Celebrity Family Feud on Sunday night, and, given the presence of Michael Irvin and Cris Carter, he was not at the top of the list of who you’d expect a wild answer from on that team.

However, that’s exactly what happened during the Fast Money round, when Smith just needed 72 points to reach the coveted 200 number. The first question of Fast Money was, “If Captain Hook was moonlighting as a handyman, he might replace his hook with what tool?”

After answering “a hammer,” which had already been given, Smith panicked and, for some reason, decided the next tool he could think of was “a penis.” Steve Harvey got about halfway into the next question before stopping, turning to the camera, and saying “what the f*ck did he just say?” as the rest of the Hall of Famers burst into laughter.

Carter and Irvin’s reactions are hysterical, while Harvey stands there in absolute disbelief. Smith is doubled over in laughter, half-embarrassed that’s what he came up with on national television, and the entire Fast Money round comes to a screeching, hilarious halt.

Moments like this are why Steve Harvey is the absolute best Family Feud host in history, as his reactions to wild answers make the show as entertaining as it is. This is one of the all-timers, and that it came from Bruce Smith of all people only makes it funnier.