The Bucs’ Super Bowl Boat Parade Featured Tom Brady Throwing The Lombardi Trophy

As the Tampa Bay Lightning did after winning the Stanley Cup, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebrated their Super Bowl victory with a boat parade through the city in an effort to allow for a somewhat distanced celebration — although, people still packed onto boats to participate.

The parade featured a lot of boats, including Tom Brady riding around on a blue, $2 million vessel, soaking in his seventh championship celebration. The Lombardi Trophy was passed from boat to boat, typically with the boats sidling next to each other, but when it came time for Brady to pass it off, well, the QB couldn’t help but complete one more pass this season, risking the Lombardi sinking to the bottom of the river.

The reverse angle really shows off how perilous this was, and the one from Tom’s boat features his kid screaming “Dad no!” before he chucks it and immediately seems to realize what he’s done.

Other valuables didn’t avoid the fate of sinking to the bottom of the Hillsborough River, however, as Chris Godwin’s phone ended up swimming with the fishes after Scotty Miller dropped it into the river on what was the top party boat with Godwin, Mike Evans, Miller, Rob Gronkowski, and Cameron Brate.

There were also lots of cans of beer flying around, some of which found safe passage to the hands of players, while others weren’t quite so lucky.

Leonard Fournette, who was among the Bucs’ top stars of the Super Bowl, was having so much fun on his boat hanging out with Jason Pierre-Paul that he couldn’t help but marvel at the Bucs’ star defensive end being as good as he was without all of his fingers.

In all, the Bucs had quite the time on the river and luckily no one and no trophies found their way into the water.