Scandal Rocks The 2012 Miss Bum Bum Brasil Pageant… Incredibly Sexy Scandal!

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12.06.12 13 Comments

That’s it, folks. Shut down the news for the rest of the year. We’ve got the most incredible, most scandalous news that is going to rock the very foundation of journalism itself this morning – despite the fact that it has already been reported elsewhere. However, when we pick a story up, things happen. Outrage grows. Fists are shaken in rage. So first, Leatherheads, the backdrop for this intense scandal…

Last Friday, 15 women vied for the title of 2012 Miss Bum Bum Brasil, which if you remember from earlier this year, is the world’s foremost competitive pageant for determining which Brazilian woman has the nicest backside. Of the women in this year’s contest, 25-year old Carine Felizardo (middle above) was declared the winner. Andressa Urach finished in second, while Camila Vernaglia took home 3rd place. In our book, though, they’re all champions.

As for her new title, Felizardo was incredibly humble and grateful for this supreme posterior honor.

“I am overwhelmed, very, very happy,” the winner said, choking back tears. “I would like to thank those who voted for me, those who believed in me, my family, my friends.” (Via IOL)

And before you get ahead of yourselves in thinking that the scandal involves cries of sexism and exploitation, just know that Brazilian women really love this contest, too.

“This is ridiculous,” Leila Chequi, a Brazilian female reporter working for the Japanese television network Fuji, told AFP.

“I am here just for work. But if they (the contestants) don’t mind showing their bums to the whole world, why not?” she added.

So then what’s the hubbub, bubs? Well, like I said, the competition took place last Friday, but the pictures (after the jump, obviously) don’t end on the stage. It turns out that the first and second runners-up took themselves a little vacation together, and according to The Sun“… the two comforted each other on a boat, kissing and cuddling on the deck.”

You guys go ahead and check out the pictures*. I’m gonna go for a walk. Think about life. Wonder if I can even write anything else ever again. Thank you, Brazil.

*The competition is called Miss Bum Bum and it’s to determine which girl has the best ass. So yeah, it’s probably semi-NSFW. View at your own discretion.

(Images via the HuffPo/Getty)

I had a really great caption for this one, but it’s so offensive that I made myself cringe. Either way, BEST LOSERS EVER.


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