Canada’s Olympic Jean Jackets Had Everyone Making Robin Sparkles Jokes

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics now just a few months away (and taking place in 2021), the U.S. Olympic Team unveiled their team outfits for the closing ceremonies. The Ralph Lauren collection goes heavy on outerwear with a look that seems more befitting of a Winter Olympics rather than the Summer games, as they’ll be wearing an all-white ensemble.

Ralph Lauren

They are very much in line with recent U.S. outfits from Polo and look a lot like what Ralph Lauren has been doing for a long time — as someone who was a merchandiser for Polo from 2012-14, they look very familiar. That is to say, they’re not exactly inspiring but also are not a disaster that will garner significant ridicule from the internet. That honor is bestowed to Team Canada which will be wearing, and I really wish this was a joke, airbrushed jean jackets to the closing ceremonies from Hudson Bay.

This is not a first, as they’ve had a jean jacket in the collection before but with patches, not airbrushed, and not as the centerpiece of the closing ceremonies. Usually they wear some extremely red blazers or coats with CANADA or a giant maple leaf on them, but this time they swung for the fences and, unsurprisingly, the internet has plenty to say.

The most frequent jokes, though, were about how the entire Canadian team will now look like Robin Sparkles from How I Met Your Mother.

After the closing ceremonies, the team will at the very least be ready to go to the mall.