Report: Chiefs-Patriots Will Be Postponed Due To Multiple Coronavirus Cases

Titans-Steelers is now just the first NFL game that won’t be played this weekend as Cam Netwon’s positive coronavirus test has led to a second postponement. According to reports, the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs won’t play Sunday following Newton’s test results as well as other reports that at least one member of the Chiefs had tested positive.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who broke the story that Newton had tested positive, reported Saturday that Chiefs-Patriots, scheduled for Sunday afternoon, will not be played.

It’s unclear if the Monday or Tuesday timeline is even possible, both regarding safety concerns for players as well as keeping the schedule for the rest of the season intact. The Chiefs are scheduled to play a Thursday night game in a few weeks, and compressing the NFL schedule isn’t as easy as other sports like, say, baseball can manage.

Sunday’s scheduled Steelers-Titans game will not be played due to several positive coronavirus cases in Tennessee of both Titans players and staff. Days after their first cases closed the team’s practice facilities, cases continue to pile up and delay when the team will be able to return to prepare for games. It’s unclear how serious the situation is in both New England and Kansas City, but it’s a concerning health situation that continues to complicate the NFL’s attempt to play during a pandemic.

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