Chris Sale Hated The White Sox Throwbacks, So He Cut Them Up And Got Sent Home

Chris Sale is one of the best pitchers on earth. He’s 14-3 this season with an ERA of 3.18 and a WHIP of 1.008, so if you’re going up against the Chicago White Sox and Sale is on the mound, odds are you’re in for a really tough afternoon.

So when the Detroit Tigers saw that Sale was slated to start Sunday’s game between the two AL Central rivals, they probably weren’t looking forward to having to deal with one of the best pitchers in the American League. That is until they found out that Sale’s start on Saturday got scratched, which is weird, because he was healthy and ready to go once he got to the ballpark.

As it turns out, Sale was involved in a locker room incident, which led to him getting sent home, according to a statement released by the team.

So some people did some digging and found out that Sale completely lost his mind when he got to the locker room and saw that the White Sox were supposed to wear these throwback uniforms:

These are called the team’s “leisure suit” uniforms, and they have the distinction of being one of the ugliest unis in all of sports. According to reports, Sale saw these uniforms – which he dislikes because they are “uncomfortable” – and responded by cutting his up and cutting up the uniforms of his teammates.

Sale also apparently disliked what these uniforms represented. In his view, wearing a gimmicky uniform like this shows that the team puts getting attention over winning baseball games.

If you’re a White Sox fan, this had to have been a little bittersweet. While Sale completely lost his mind, at least his start got scratched for a reason other than “he got traded to another team.” On the flip side, if you’re another team, maybe you can swoop in while emotions are high and trade for Sale at a discounted price. Just be warned: he really dislikes when you wear jerseys from the 1970s that used to be worn with shorts.