Conor McGregor Submitted His Case For The Worst First Pitch In Baseball History

Tuesday’s game between the Chicago Cubs and the Minnesota Twins at Wrigley Field was not exactly at the top of the heap in terms of casual intrigue. After all, neither club is in the playoff hunt after a disappointing campaign, and it is not as if the Cubs and Twins have an historic rivalry for the ages. Still, the Cubs-Twins game managed to attract some extra eyeballs before the teams even took the field, as MMA legend Conor McGregor made waves by throwing out the first pitch.

Dating back to 50 Cent and an effort that can only be defined as legendarily terrible in 2014, there has been almost a cottage industry for horrible first pitches. McGregor entered that pantheon in a hurry, though, as he missed the target… by a lot.

Part of the problem may have been McGregor’s decision to wear a suit in this particular setting. His outfit certainly matched his persona, but the flexibility needed to throw a baseball effectively may have been limited by the fashion choice. In addition, the mechanics were not exactly crisp in this instance, but McGregor is also someone that really enjoys attention. This effort will certainly provide the spotlight, and the clip will be shared in perpetuity, largely by baseball teams who want to show good examples of how not to throw a first pitch.