Chaos Erupted Following Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Win Over Conor McGregor At UFC 229

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Anyone expecting a typical match between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 clearly wasn’t paying attention. This, of course, was a fight that saw McGregor arrested after attacking Khabib’s bus following an alleged assault on McGregor’s trainer, ensuing lawsuits, heated words at the weigh-in, and McGregor calling Nurmagomedoy’s manager a “terrorist rat.”

Khabib was understandably angry, and he took it out on McGregor during the bout, including a vicious shot that McGregor somehow recovered from before ultimately submitting in the fourth round.

The battle didn’t end after it was called though, with Khabib going into the stands, jumping the fence of the Octagon, and attacking McGregor’s friend and fellow fighter Dillon Danis.

As Khabib fought out in the crowd, and the brawl erupted into absolute chaos, someone jumped in and sucker punched McGregor in the back of the head. Both fighters were eventually escorted out of T-Mobile Arena by police.

With confusion still rampant following the mayhem, even the announcers were shocked.

Now all eyes are on a potential rematch, as that bad blood doesn’t just go away overnight. Whether or not White and UFC publicly decry this as a “black eye” for the sport, they’ll be certainly relishing the hype and attention that came from the fireworks of the UFC 229 main card. Although there might be some repercussions to sort through first.