Daniel Jones Running Out Of Gas Resulted In Some Hilarious Play-By-Play Calls

The New York Giants went into Philadelphia at 1-5 but still, somehow, Thursday night’s tilt with the Eagles was crucial for the NFC East playoff race. In the division that no one seems to want to win, getting a second win and doing so against a division foe would tie the Cowboys in the win column — who now are without their starting quarterback for the season.

On Thursday night both teams had their problems, but the Giants offense came alive to the tune of 21 points — the second-most points they’ve scored in a game this season — thanks in part to Daniel Jones finding some rhythm through the air and with his legs. His biggest play of the night was an 80-yard run that saw him pull it on a read option and take off into acres of space, but as he got into the Eagles red zone he began to run out of gas resulting in a rather hilarious moment as Joe Buck went from “he’s gone!” at the 50 to “he tripped!” in a matter of seconds.

Buck wasn’t alone in producing spectacular calls of the hilarious moment, as Ian Eagle on NFL radio and the Fox Deportes calls were both also delightful.

We also got some good meme content out of the Jones fall courtesy of Twitter.

The good news for Jones and the Giants was that they managed to find the end zone on the drive anyways as they played arguably their best game of the season — with some help from some truly horrific decision-making and play-calling from the Eagles offense in the red zone. Still, they’ll have some fun with that one in the film room — although a win would make it much easier to take the laughs.

UPDATE: The Giants did not win as the Eagles pulled off a rather incredible comeback, so it will not be as much fun to watch that one in the film room.