Do You Know Who Coldplay Is? Because Denver’s Demaryius Thomas Doesn’t

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On Super Bowl Media Day, players get all kinds of goofy questions. Reporters from all over the world with different backgrounds and agendas are looking for answers to things players haven’t thought about once in their lives.

That happened for Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, although the question wasn’t all that difficult.

You see, Coldplay is performing the halftime show at Super Bowl 50, so it’s pretty funny that one of the game’s competitors appears to have no idea what this “Coldplay” is you speak of. Is it an audible Peyton Manning yells at the line of scrimmage? Is it a slang term for playing in freezing temperatures?

This is the sort of exchange that will get the Coldplay jokesters going. “This is funny because this guy doesn’t know any Coldplay songs because Coldplay is dorky and dumb.” No matter who the NFL gets to play halftime, people are going to make fun of the band because people are miserable. The halftime show could be “Giving A Million Dollars To Guys Named Kevin” and there’d be a Kevin somewhere going, “Ugh, couldn’t they get Adele?”

Thomas is 28 years old and maybe doesn’t have any interest in that type of music. But how anyone can hate a band that once created a 12-minute Game of Thrones musical parody is beyond me.