This Denver Broncos Cheerleader Dressed As A Dinosaur Performed The Best NFL Dance Routine Ever

Halloween is probably the most competitive holiday. Even though it’s supposed to be all about fun times, giving out candy and seemingly appropriating culture in insensitive manners, there’s an undercurrent of always wanting to “win” Halloween. Candies are now judged from house to house, with decorations getting more impressive every year in an effort to one-up neighbors, and now professional cheerleaders are even competing to have the best possible costume to dance in.

Such was the case with the Denver Broncos cheerleaders, who were princesses, cheetahs, butterflies and Wonder Woman. But one stood out as the true hero of their Halloween game — the T-Rex.

This isn’t because of her costume, no. It’s because this cheerleader absolutely nailed her performance while in the lumbering costume. On top of the solid routine, it seemed like the T-Rex itself was enjoying being out there in front of tens of thousands of fans, dancing.

Look at the joy on the T-Rex’s face!

There’s just something about this dinosaur dancing away in-between Snow White and a skeleton that just works.

And here’s the performance from another angle. Impressive!

(Via USA Today)