The Lions Are Giving Ninja Control Of Their Social Media On Sunday

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is a video game streamer popular enough to have merchandise sold in big box stores, so it’s no surprise that that level of popularity comes with some fun perks. Streaming from Times Square on New Year’s Eve is one of those perks, but the huge Detroit Lions fan will get another huge honor on Sunday.

Ninja, who rose to fame primarily playing Fortnite and recently signed a huge deal to switch streaming platforms to Mixer, will serve as an honorary captain for the Detroit Lions on Sunday as they host the New York Giants. According to the team, he will also take over the team’s social media accounts during the game.

The move comes after Ninja claimed to swear off NFL football forever after the Lions had a slew of bad calls go against them in a game against the Packers earlier in the season.

Barry Sanders was “sickened” by those same bad calls, but he doesn’t exactly have the social media presence as Ninja, so perhaps this is the proper olive branch for everyone involved. It will be interesting to see what Ninja does at the sticks, but one thing that’s pretty obvious is that a lot of people will be paying attention.