Devin Hester Shows Why You Go Bold (With Some Caution) On Valentine’s

Have you ever stepped to the forefront and really put yourself out there with someone? It can be difficult to build the confidence required to climb out on a limb and expose your feelings to them, simply because the reality is that things don’t always work perfectly when it comes to love. For some people, it is more natural to see the optimistic side but, for other people, the nervousness and fear can be difficult to overcome. Of course, there are more serious endeavors with higher stakes that follow this concept but, for former pro football player and punt and kick return legend Devin Hester, Valentine’s Day brings a memory of a less consequential, yet oddly familiar instance.

As part of the V-Day Fails and Fumbles series, presented by PANDORA Jewelry, Hester thinks back to a time when he saw the perfect opportunity to make a good impression around Valentine’s Day with someone he had a crush on. Give it a look and keep his misstep in mind as you think about your own effort to take a chance this Valentine’s Day.

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