DK Metcalf Saved A Touchdown By Chasing Down Budda Baker 95 Yards Down Field

Russell Wilson has made very few mistakes this season, but on Sunday night he made one of his worst passes of the year. On first and goal from the four yard line, Wilson floated a pass to running back Chris Carson out of the backfield thinking he was going to be wide open and walk into the end zone.

However, Cardinals ball-hawking safety Budda Baker was there to pick it off and had nothing but green grass in front of him as he looked like he was on his way to a 100-yard pick-six, especially once he got past Wilson. However, it was what was behind him that was most terrifying, as gigantic receiver DK Metcalf showed off his ungodly speed as he hit 22.64 mph (this is not a made up number, it’s what NFL’s NextGen Stats tracked him at) to erase a 5-yard deficit to Baker and tackle him at the five.

This wasn’t just performative hustle leading to an eventual score anyways, because as it turned out the Cardinals wouldn’t score on the ensuing possession. Arizona ran four plays to little success, passing (rightfully) on a field goal attempt to go for it on fourth down, only to see the play blown up and Kyler Murray end up 20 yards behind the line of scrimmage chucking a prayer to the end zone to no avail. Seattle would march 97 yards for a touchdown on their next drive, taking a 20-7 lead and making for a rather insane 14-point swing.

It is one of the most ridiculous plays you’ll see all season and if Seattle is able to go on and win this game, they may very well look back on this play from Metcalf as the reason they were able to do so.