Dog The Bounty Hunter Is Hunting Down War Machine For What He Did To Christy Mack

Yesterday’s most disgusting story was the brutal beating and attempted murder of porn star Christy Mack by her ex-boyfriend Jon Koppenhaver, aka MMA fighter ‘War Machine.’ The general consensus amongst people with hearts and eyeballs and even the most basic concepts of compassion is that at the very worst, War Machine deserved to have an entire can of bear mace emptied in his face.

Good news regarding that bear mace: Dog The Bounty Hunter is currently hunting down War Machine. Yes, that Dog The Bounty Hunter.

You may know Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman best from his goofy reality TV work (or from that time he said the N-word and got in trouble for it), but the man’s a legitimate bounty hunter with his fair share of capture fugitives. Like most of us, Dog saw what happened to Christy Mack yesterday and was outraged. Unlike most of us, he has legal clearance to drive to wherever War Machine’s hiding and beat the shit out of him.

Via Twitter:

War Machine currently has seven warrants out for his arrest, so hopefully at least one of them ends with an enormous, mulleted, orange man kicking down his door and choking him against the side of a car. We’ll keep you updated.

h/t to LBS