Donald Trump Lashed Out At ‘Not Nice’ Ronda Rousey After Her KO Loss

UFC 190 Weigh-in
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Saturday evening saw the devastating upset that captured the Internet’s attention when Ronda Rousey‘s UFC crown toppled to Holly Holm. The knockout fight became the fast subject of many memes that trolled Rousey, but a certain politician may have been the happiest of all. Never mind that Rousey spent the night in the hospital, someone still wished to settle the score.

Donald Trump does not forget those who speak against his (imagined) greatness. He took a moment away from issuing statements on gun control to circle back to the former UFC champion after her loss. Trump has been waiting for this moment ever since August when he told the world how much Rousey “likes me” and that he’d “take her on my side as a fighter.” This assertion was hilarious because Trump missed Rousey’s July interview, in which she shrugged and said she’d never vote for him. Trump had overstepped in an attempt to capture the UFC fanbase, and his resulting grudge led him to celebrate Rousey’s loss on Twitter.

Trump later praised Tom Brady, but only because Brady was caught with a “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker. This duality demonstrates how Trump’s sports opinions are based upon who (allegedly) loves him in return.

Twitter was generally irritated by Trump’s decision to kick Rousey while she was down (though she certainly has better things to worry about). One Twitter user played off Rousey’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders, but most users piled onto Trump.