Dwight Howard Might Have 8 Children With 8 Different Women

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Back when Chris Duhon played for the Orlando Magic, I’d run into him at my local watering hole almost every Friday and Saturday night. He was a popular guy despite his limited playing time, because, hey, he was a millionaire NBA player and he might be able to hip us to some insider info on the team. One of the things that he said one time had nothing to do with the inner workings of the ship that Otis Smith was crashing into an iceberg, but instead the personal life of then-face-of-the-franchise Dwight Howard.

Duhon told a mutual acquaintance within earshot that Howard had at least five illegitimate children through five different women. At the time, it was known that he had two or three, so this was a pretty big revelation about the guy who once asked the league to add a cross to the Jerry West logo. But this little trip down “memory lame” (trademark pending) doesn’t mean much, because we now know that Howard welcomed his sixth child into the world last week, as he and his girlfriend kept Kim Kardashian from getting a VIP suite at Cedars Sinai.

So that makes it six kids with six different women. Or is it eight kids with eight women as Howard’s original baby mama, Royce Reed, recently suggested on Twitter?

Dwight is better at hiding his Baby mamas than navigating free agency. The only one who he publicly acknowledges is former Basketball Wives star and Magic dancer Royce Reed. The only reason he has done that is because he has sued her several times. She was the 1st and her son is the oldest of Dwight’s children. She was the one who let the cat out of the bag about Vest being the latest in line to produce another Little Howard. She also provided the names of the other six baby mamas via Twitter, which would bring the grand total up to 8. (Via Black Sports Online)

On my list of people that I trust the least, “former NBA dancer turned opportunistic Basketball Wives star” ranks somewhere between “lawyer turned politician” and “really handsome blogger with a girl’s name that was originally a guy’s name”. That’s right, I don’t even trust myself sometimes. Either way, I punched up some quick math…

… and by the time his next contract is up, Howard will have 2387623585276857 children. Give or take 123489746123.