Eli Manning Flipped The Double Bird On TV While Asking ‘Can We Do That?’

Part of the charm of the Monday Night Football Manningcast experience is the laid back, less polished nature of the show as the two brothers break down the game, joke with each other and guests, and regularly fail to get in and out of commercial breaks without getting cut off.

In Week 3, Eli decided to start pushing the limits of what he can do on live television, as he told a story of how he used to get flipped off by small children in Philadelphia when the Giants would go play the Eagles. At first, he just used his fists to mimic getting the double bird from a child, but then decided that didn’t really get the point across so he gave the real thing, all while asking “Can we do that?”

The answer of course is…kind of? I mean, they didn’t cut the broadcast to black or anything, but it’s certainly frowned upon on a Disney property like ESPN. Chris Long found it delightful while Peyton just shook his head, knowing what was coming. Naturally, coming out of the next commercial break Eli had to offer an apology, which was even funnier to Long.

If there is a fine from the FCC, Eli can pay it, but this did happen after 10 p.m. on cable, so he might be fine from an overall standpoint, just not from the Disney overlords. It’s very little brother of him to sit there pressing buttons to see how far he can go over the line before getting reprimanded while older brother sits there in disgust.

Naturally, Eli’s double birds became a meme for football twitter throughout the rest of the game.