ESPN’s Damien Woody Started Bleeding After He Hit A Mini Football Helmet With A Mallet

Picking NFL games is a pretty common exercise over on ESPN, so the fine folks over on Get Up decided to spice things up a little bit. The segment in question is called “Big Man, Tiny Helmets,” and features retired offensive lineman Damien Woody (the aforementioned “Big Man”) picking games by taking a mallet and smashing the tiny helmets (the aforementioned “Tiny Helmets”) of the teams he believes will lose a given matchup.

My assumption is ESPN’s robust legal team makes the folks on the Get Up set wear goggles when this segment happens, but as it turns out, Woody really could have used a pair of protective gloves here. After returning from a commercial, it was revealed that something happened while Woody was smashing a New England Patriots helmet, which made him start bleeding.

The fine folks at Awful Announcing ran back the tape and found the exact moment that Woody — who played for both the Patriots and their opponent this week, the New York Jets, during his NFL career — appeared to cut his finger.

Kudos to Woody for finishing the drill here, and perhaps an ex-player getting hurt while expressing his belief that they will triumph as home underdogs will be a source of motivation for the Jets this week.