ESPN Fantasy Football Is Down During The First Sunday Of The NFL Season And Fans Everywhere Are Annoyed

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09.11.16 2 Comments

Fantasy football is pretty much the best part of football season coming back. Sure there are the amazing touchdown receptions, astonishing defensive plays, and being able be distracted by life’s real problems by rooting for your own team to crush the rest of their division. But fans that aren’t so diehard when it comes to a specific team, or for those who need one more reason to get pumped up for a Sunday full of NFL action, fantasy football is the icing on top of delicious football cake every week.

Except for this week, because ESPN’s fantasy football app and site both went down on the first Sunday of the NFL season. This wasn’t just a brief outage either, the system was offline and not refreshing for anyone for hours on end. It’s the football version of HBOGo refusing to load the Game of Thrones premiere, except with a lot more dramatic endings and battles between two intense coalitions of very strong men.

As might be expected, the internet immediately took their torches and pitchforks off the wall and went all in on mocking ESPN’s failure to have their fantasy system up on one of the most important days of the year.

ESPN’s official fantasy twitter account was so optimistic at the beginning of today’s slate of games.

But that early excitement didn’t translate into an actual working platform. Twitter wasted no time taking it to task.

Some die-hard fantasy participants joked about finding another way to figure out how their matchup is going.

There was even a pointed joke from a former Grantland writer.

And of course, the requisite joke about who might have been behind the crisis.

To make things even worse, the app keeps coming back online for 2-3 minutes before crashing again. Moments of false hope in a sea of fantasy football strife.

Some people found a silver lining and that’s all that really matters. After all, there are hours of football left in the day.

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