This Might Be The Worst ‘Family Feud’ Fast Money Performance Of All Time

Family Feud is one of the three greatest game shows of all time, and I will absolutely entertain the possibility that it is the very best, especially the current run with Steve Harvey serving as the host of the show. Steve is the best. His inability to not mock people for terrible answers makes the show so good, but sometimes, even Steve feels bad for a contestant.

That was the case for poor Anna, who had the worst Fast Money performance in the history of the show back in 2014. You may be saying, “Robby, this is from 2014, why you gotta bring up old stuff?” Well, thanks to the Game Show Network, old Feud episodes run on repeat and so while we missed this incredible moment then, we have not anymore because one fine Twitter user (@RRinehart2012) recorded this disaster and brought it back into light three years later.

Before we get to the full video, let’s first set the stage. Tim set the family up for an easy win in Fast Money with 182 points in a dominant performance. My man crushed it. That means Anna needed 18 points. Eighteen. Then disaster happened.

She went 0-for in the final round. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s actually stunning to watch Steve rattle off each answer followed by the “0” popping up on the board. Even he can’t believe it.

Let’s go through each of these failed responses, and see what went wrong.

On a scale of 1 to 10, what chance would men say they have of dating a girl who’s a 10? “Four.”

This is a fine answer and I can’t believe it got 0. “Five” had 31 points, but no one said “four?” Hard to believe, but you can brush off this miss.

Name a place where people keep checking their watch. “Airport … Restaurant.”

It’s tough following the lead of someone that hit the big ones, because then you get thrown off by constantly answering the same. Restaurant doesn’t seem like a terrible answer, people might be checking to see how long its been since they ordered food, but it’s definitely not a great answer. I probably would’ve said “work,” but “doctor’s office” and “church” were the top two. Still, this isn’t horrible.

Name a noisy insect. “Pass”

This is bad. I would understand passing after saying “cricket” and getting the buzzer, but not even trying? C’mon, Anna. Be better. Now we’re in the danger zone on time.

Name something a person’s belly does. “Growls … Uh, throws up”

I’m starting to blame Tim for this. She keeps guessing his top answers and then panicking with nonsensical stuff. Throws up? That comes from the belly, but no one says “my belly’s about to throw up.” Maybe throw out “digest” or “hurts” but not throws up.

Fill in the blank, a married couple might be deeply in what? “Love … Marriage”

Deeply in marriage! My answer would’ve been “debt” for sure after love, but I love the idea of being deeply in marriage. That’s something different than love, that’s when a couple is just buried in the monotony of monogamy.

Once again, I blame Tim for this. If he could’ve just come up with something that wasn’t the first damn answer on the list for all of these she would’ve had a chance. Tim the show-off had to try and stunt for Steve and ended up leaving Anna high and dry for her round.

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