Finally, Somebody Compared Anderson Silva To The Matrix

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04.17.13 3 Comments

Yes, apparently!

Anderson Silva tweeted out a link to a video made last month wherein someone compares Silva’s old fight footage to clips from The Matrix. It’s not the most timely thing in the world, but it’s certainly believable that Anderson Silva is a CPU construct that just shows up to correct glitches and remove programs in the world of MMA.

Here’s the video, featuring the still hilariously named MOTHER OF ALL BATTLES on the soundtrack. Thankfully there is not 10 minutes of Silva having weird sex during a rave included anywhere.

I’ve got a strange desire to see Anderson Silva play Cowboy Curtis, now.

For something else to compare/contrast, after you’ve watched that video of Anderson Silva beating up folks in the Matrix, check out this picture of Tank Abbott getting punched in the face so hard it knocked off his shorts.

[via MiddleEasy, sad Tank photo via SRMMA]

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