A Beginner’s Guide To Getting The Best Experience From A Live Golf Tournament

08.23.17 2 years ago

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Golf, as a sport, has spent the past few years trying to find its footing with the casual sports fan in a post-Tiger Woods era. Tiger was transcendent, a figure that wasn’t just an icon of golf but he was an icon of sports, and in his absence from the game due to injury, the sport has looked to move forward without him.

For golf fans, this hasn’t been a problem. There are a bevy of young stars that have taken up the mantle in Woods’ stead, along with some old favorites still playing at a high level. Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, and Rickie Fowler are all under 30 years old and each bring a flair to the game unique to themselves, giving every kind of golf fan a star to match their favorite style. Others are gunning to join them in that status of being a global golf superstar, like recent major winners Brooks Koepka and Justin Thomas, making claims about golf’s impending demise after the Tiger Woods era far overblown.

Thomas took home his first major win two weeks ago at the PGA Championship, where he put in a virtuoso performance in the final round at Quail Hollow in Charlotte to outlast the rest of the top contenders. Like the other names mentioned above, Thomas is in his mid-20s with other worldly talent on the course, and those that came out to Quail Hollow were treated to an exhibition of those talents and some high drama put forth by the Alabama grad.

The crowd in Charlotte skewed younger than most would expect at a golf event, and with plenty of watering holes and good luck with the weather, there wasn’t a better way to spend your day than strolling around Quail Hollow with friends, having some beverages and enjoying the tremendous views of the course and some fantastic golf.

The beauty of golf in 2017 is that there are, at any given time, a half dozen to a dozen golfers that you feel have a genuine chance at winning the tournament rather than one, depending on the quality of the field. When Tiger Woods roamed a golf course, that wasn’t always the case, but it made was an easy choice for the casual fan that decided to pop in to their local PGA Tour event. You followed the throngs of people chasing Woods around the course, hoping to catch a little bit of that Tiger magic and a vintage fist pump.

Now, there isn’t that guy on the course at every tournament, especially in majors, but the in person experience of a golf tournament can actually be more freeing when you aren’t solely focused on a singular star. There are many ways to take in a golf tournament in person to create the best experience for yourself, everyone has their chosen method, and we’ll run through them all right here.

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