The Craziest Golf Trick Shot Of All Time Involves Nine Pool Tables, A Bar And A Flight Of Stairs

Who doesn’t enjoy a good trick shot in any sport? So how about a trick shot that combines two sports — golf and billiards. This one involves nine tables and someone that deftly navigates it all with a camera. You have to appreciate the direction.

The multi-table trick shot is from the Allstars Sports Bar in Bristol over in the United Kingdom. Below is the Christmas trick shot they created last year, and they really upped the production value from last year to this one.

And it wouldn’t be a pool hall in England without combining soccer and billiards for a series of fun trick shots. Somehow this only had 7,000 views despite involving way more precision.

Trick shots come in all forms, like ping pong and regular golf, but billiards trick shots narrated by British people are clearly the best.