A Harlem Globetrotter Was Almost Crushed By The Backboard After His Slam Dunk

Never overestimate the quality of a basketball hoop in Honduras, or at least that’s sort of the lesson that Harlem Globetrotters player Bull Bullard learned over the weekend. The iconic basketball franchise stopped by the Nacional de Ingenieros Coliseum in Tegucigalpa as part of its tour of Central America, and during an exhibition against the Honduras Generalisimos (why not?), Bullard went up for a dunk and held on to the rim just a little too long. That brought the backboard crashing down to the floor, almost on top of his head.

In this case, “a little too long” is basically a millisecond, because that sucker was probably coming down on any kind of contact. Fortunately, Bullard was fine and offered a little salute to the crowd before he went back to the locker room and received treatment from the team doctor, whom I imagine dresses like Dr. Blake Downs from Childrens Hospital.